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2022 Conference Summaries

During every conference, IACFS/ME invites a few journalists and writers to help us educate the public about ME/CFS, disseminate study results, and provide free access to the meeting to individuals/ groups who are unable to attend the meeting. Reporters and writers are given full freedom regarding what they write about and how they choose to go about it. Thus, IACFS/ME is not responsible for article contents or opinions.

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Science for ME (S4ME) threads collection: 

See here. 


National ME/FM Action Network (Canada) Fall 2022 Newsletter with Conference Summary:

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ME Association (UK):

  1. Keynote: Pathophysiology of exercise intolerance in ME/CFS & long COVID- available here
  1. Feasibility of investigating oxygen consumption (VO2), heart rate variability, blood pressure and lactic acid levels of people with myalgic encephalomyelitis during normal daily activities- available here
  1. BREATHE: A mixed-methods evaluation of a virtual self-management program for people living with long COVID- available here 

4. Plasma proteomics reveals a distinct response to maximal exercise and recovery pattern between female and male ME/CFS subjects - available here. 


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