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2021 Conference Summaries


During every conference, IACFS/ME invites a few journalists and writers to help us educate the public about ME/CFS, disseminate study results, and provide free access to the meeting to individuals/ groups who are unable to attend the meeting. Reporters and writers are given full freedom regarding what they write about and how they choose to go about it. Thus, IACFS/ME is not responsible for articles contents or opinions.

Dr. Rosamund Vallings and Dr. Sarah Dalziel (New Zealand)
Dr. Vallings, who was a dedicated IACFS/ME Board Member for many years, continues to support our mission by summarizing this year's meeting. Joining her is her daughter, Dr. Dalziel. Click here to read their summary.

Ms. Mieko Shinohara, Japanese ME Association (Japan)

Dr. Vallings and Dr. Dalziel graciously permitted the Japanese ME Association to translate their summary into Japanese. Below are two links to the partially translated article. We will update with further translations as they are provided.

Link 1

Link 2

Dr. Katrina Pears, ME Association (United Kingdom)
Visit this link.

#ME Action

Visit this link.

Ms. Miriam Tucker, MedScape
Ms. Tucker has been writing about ME/CFS for many years. She reported on studies about COVID-19, autoimmune autonomic small fiber neuropathy, (aaSFN), and ME/CFS.

Mr. Cort Johnson
Mr. Johnson has written about ME/CFS since 2004 and currently operates the HealthRising website. This is an article concerning the meeting and concentrates on the work of Dr. Carmen Scheibenbogen.

Margaret Parlor, National ME/FM Action Network (Canada)

Visit this link.

Body Politic Twitter thread