Volume 16, Issue 1 - 2008

January 1, 2008

Volume 16, Issue 1  2008
David S. Bell, M.D. & Rosamund Vallings, MNZM, M.B., B.S.
Managing Editor
Greg Fillmore
Editorial Advisory Board
Leonard A. Jason, Ph.D. • Fred Friedberg, Ph.D. • David S. Bell, M.D. • Rosamund Vallings, MNZM, M.B., B.S.

Table of ContentsLetter from the President: Announcing the IACFS/ME Capital Campaign
Nancy Klimas, M.D.From the Editors
David S. Bell, M.D. & Ros Vallings, MNZM, M.B., B.S.The NO/ONOO- Cycle as the Cause of CFS and Related Illnesses
Martin Pall, Ph.D.Trying Out Alternative Treatments
Ken Jolly, BSc, MB ChB, FRNZGPReview of the Two-day Exercise Test with a Pediatric Case Report
David S. Bell, M.D.

The Current CFS/ME Situation in NZ
Rosamund Vallings, MNZM, MB, BS


IACFS/ME Biannual 2009 Conference - Reno, Nevada
Dr. Ros Vallings Awarded The Order of New Zealand, MNZM
Call for Award Nominations
CFIDS Request for Applications
"Peaceful Path Through CFS & FM" with Pat Gurnick, CLC
Employment Wanted

Letter from the President
Nancy Klimas, M.D.

Announcing the IACFS/ME Capital Campaign
We are trying to expand the services we provide to our professional membership by developing a journal, increasing the number of clinical and research conferences that we sponsor or cosponsor, developing treatment guidelines and updating a treatment manual for CFS/ME, promoting an international climate supportive of collaborative research, advocating for increased research funds, promoting clinical education for providers, and providing expertise to governmental agencies as they develop health care policy that impacts our patients.

From the Editors

Our editorial team is happy to provide you with this issue of the Bulletin. As you will see we have a good range of quality articles, and we hope to continue bringing you these types of articles in the future. In one article, there is some information about what is happening in far off New Zealand. In another, Martin Pall has provided us with his stimulating article on the NO/ONOO cycle. He outlines the 5 possible principles underlying the mechanisms of the development of CFS, with reference to his book "Explaining Unexplained Illness". There is also a review of the 2-day exercise test, outlining the importance of not relying on just one set of tests for exercise assessment in CFS. A second test reveals the real experiences we hear so often of delayed recovery in CFS. Ken Jolly's article on Trying Alternative Treatments is timely, balanced and important.
We hope that you like the new format of the Bulletin, and that you will let us know what you think of this issue's articles.
We look forward to ongoing contributions for future issues and welcome your involvement. Please send articles to us for future publications. Please send your contributions to Greg Fillmore at [email protected]. Greg is the Managing Editor of the Bulletin.
David Bell
Ros Vallings

The NO/ONOO- Cycle as the Cause of CFS and Related Illnesses
Martin L. Pall, Professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University

CFS and such related illnesses as fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity have been puzzling illnesses. There has not been any accepted mechanism for how cases of these illnesses get initiated, why they are chronic, how the diverse symptoms are generated, why these illnesses tend to be comorbid and, most importantly, how they should be treated. I have published a series of 16 papers in the scientific literature, developing a mechanism for these in CFS and other diseases/illnesses that provides answers to these features and many other previously puzzling features for these illnesses. 

Trying Out Alternative Treatments
Ken Jolly, BSc, MB ChB, FRNZGP

Most people with ME/CFS at sometime or other will try alternative treatments in order to get better. This would seem a reasonable and understandable approach, considering how difficult this illness can be at times... However this doesn’t mean that patients should necessarily blindly accept such treatments. A reasoned and careful approach is in order. 

Review of the Two-day Exercise Test with a Pediatric Case Report
David S. Bell, M.D.

In the most recent Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome there are two articles which may be the first to offer an objective proof of disability in ME/CFS. More importantly, if shown to be correct, they may give us an avenue to test and measure the biochemical abnormality which causes the symptom pattern.

The Current CFS/ME Situation in NZ
Rosamund Vallings, M.B., B.S.

Here in New Zealand we are fortunate that our government accepts without question the diagnosis of CFS/ME in assessments for social welfare benefits. But many patients do fell between the cracks and have difficulty accessing home help, suitable housing and other extra health needs. 


IACFS/ME Biannual 2009 Conference

The 9th International IACFS/ME Conference, "Developing Interdisciplinary Collaborations," will be held March 12-15, 2009 at Peppermill Resort, Reno, Nevada.

Dr. Ros Vallings Awarded The Order of New Zealand, MNZM
ANZMES (Associated New Zealand Myalgic Encephalopathy Society)

Dr. Ros Vallings has been made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, MNZM in the 2008 New Years Honours. She has been given the award for her voluntary work in both the local community and throughout New Zealand.

Call for Award Nominations

The following awards will be given out at the 2009 IACFS/ME conference to be held in Reno, Nevada.

CFIDS Request for Applications

The CFIDS Association of America is pleased to issue its 2008 Request for Applications (RFA) soliciting research proposals that will advance the discovery of biomarkers and methods for early detection, objective diagnosis and effective treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

"Peaceful Path Through CFS & FM" with Pat Gurnick, CLC

This class will cover Pat's CFS/FM story, education, energy level management and self pacing strategies.

Employment Wanted