Note from the Editor

This issue of the IACFS/ME Bulletin presents two letters to the Editor and one case study. It is certainly encouraging that articles disseminated through our Association’s publication inspire critical review and debate.  Dr. Peter White rebuts some of the conclusions arrived at in a paper by Sampson published in the Summer 2010 Bulletin. In their case study published in this issue, Staci Stevens and Dr. Todd Davenport propose an alternative to Graded Exercise Training (GET) which hopefully will prompt more constructive debate. Finally, our colleague from New Zealand, Dr. Rosamund Vallings, cautions in her letter to the Editor that clinicians should be watchful for cases of the swine flu. Ros also addresses the controversial issue of immunizations against the flu.   

The IACFS/ME Bulletin is a window on our efforts to publicize scientific issues for the Association. As such, I appreciate the important contributions that IACFS/ME members have made. Yet in order to be truly heard, we need a stronger voice based on that in increased member submissions and publications. We are continually looking for more original research papers, critical reviews, and case studies. Please consider the IACFS/ME Bulletin when selecting an outlet to publish your work and encourage collaborators and colleagues to do likewise. We truly appreciate it.

Have a joyful holiday season! 

Gudrun Lange, PhD