ME/CFS Primer for Clinical Practitioners (2014 revision)

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We would like the Primer to be disseminated and used widely. If you or your organization would like to translate this document for your country,please observe these requirements:  

  1. The primer should be translated in its entirety with assurance of the accuracy of the translation.
  2. Comments/ editorials/ clarifications to the text by the group translating are allowed but not in the body of the text without permission of IACFS/ME
  3. The translation should acknowledge IACFS/ME as the original source of the document and an online link should be provided to the original document download page.
  4. The document should not be used for commercial purposes. Potential users of the translated document should be allowed to download/ view the document for free but should be notified, in the language translated, that donations to IACFS/ME are appreciated and welcomed.

Comments and suggestions on the Primer are welcome (To: [email protected]; Subject line: Primer comments/questions). As the field evolves, updates to the Primer will be published at

The board of directors would like to thank and congratulate the Primer Committee for their successful efforts in completing this major undertaking. The committee members include: Rosemary Underhill, MB, BS; Lucinda Bateman, MD; Alison C. Bested, MD; Todd Davenport, DPT; Kenneth J. Friedman, PhD; Alan Gurwitt, MD; Leonard A. Jason, PhD; Charles W. Lapp, MD; Staci R. Stevens, MA; and Rosamund Vallings, MB, BS. On behalf of the Committee, we also thank Anthony Komaroff, MD for writing the foreword to the Primer.