Approved changes are:

1. The paragraph on mortality (p. 26) to be changed to (changes/additions in red):

"Death in patients with ME/CFS, is usually certified as being caused by another co-existing illness and not as being caused by ME/CFS, so the mortality rate is difficult to determinePreliminary data from one study found suicide, heart disease and cancer were the leading causes of death in patients with ME/CFS and the mean ages of death from these causes were well below national averages. Another study found that all-cause mortality rates of individuals with ME/CFS were not significantly different from standardized mortality rates. The clinician and patient should remain attentive to emergence of health concern related to aging, immobility, other chronic illness and the potential of unknown outcomes of this illness that could lead to premature death."

2. Advice on timing of administration of tricyclics for the treatment of insomnia in Table 5 be given as: "Take 1-2 hours before bedtime"

3. Formatting on page 15 and some punctuation and capitalization errors to be corrected.