2009 Reno

9th International IACFS/ME
Research and Clinical Conference
March 12-15, 2009  -  Peppermill Resort, Reno, Nevada

Conference Recordings

IACFS/ME Research Fund Donor Reception


To the IACFS/ME community:

I would like to thank everyone who attended the IACFS/ME conference in Reno, Nevada.  Our registration numbered.   The conference featured the latest advances in biomedical research in CFS/ME and fatiguing illness more generally, and offered 4 new professional workshops with total attendance of about 150.  Our conference planning -- an 18 month process -- resulted in a very well run meeting with plenty of opportunities for networking.  Also, we established a new $1 million IACFS/ME research fund.

The conference also reaffirmed our initiative to evolve the quarterly newsletter, the Bulletin of IACFS/ME, into a Medline peer review journal.  We encourage submissions for our next issue in June, 2009.  Please contact Dr. Gudrun Lange ([email protected]).  Also, we are talking to potential sponsors worldwide about presenting mini-conferences for professionals and patients in the next year. 

Our next major conference location will be based on sponsorship from interested individuals and organizations.  I encourage anyone who may be interested in having the IACFS/ME conference in their city to contact me ([email protected]).   

Best wishes to all,

Fred Friedberg, PhD