The IACFS/ME Research Fund

The IACFS/ME Research Fund is a vital new initiative in International research and research funding to develop a clear path towards wellness for those afflicted with ME/CFS.

Since its inception, the International Association for CFS/ME has sought to bring together researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers, support groups and patients, so that all could learn more about this illness through discussion, research, treatment and education.

Now, with the establishment of The IACFS/ME Research Fund, we embark upon the realization of a series of objectives long held within the ME/CFS community:

  • A research initiative which significantly increases the body of research into the causes and treatment of ME/CFS.
  • A research initiative with true international scope.
  • A research initiative developed through the direct collaboration of the foremost research scientists from around the world.
  • A research initiative directly funded by those afflicted with, or affected by, ME/CFS.

Our initial goal is to raise $1,000,000 for this vital international research program.

Won't you please make a donation of just $5 to $10 or the equivalent in your local currency.

So little a donation from each of us can have a monumental impact towards identifying and treating the root causes of this terrible affliction that is still so poorly understood.

Please, click on the following link, RIGHT NOW. Take a direct and positive step towards a clear path towards wellness for yourself, and those millions of others, afflicted with ME/CFS.

On behalf of all of us directly involved with ME/CFS research, on behalf of the millions more in need of just a small amount of assistance from you, Thank You.

PS: If you are not yet a member of the IACFS/ME, and would like to consider joining us in our work, you can get more information HERE.