Committees of the IACFS/ME

All committee chairpersons listed below are appointed for one year. The President will choose new chairpersons (or re-appoint old). Current chairs and committee functions are summarized as follows:

Nominations and Awards Committee:
Chairperson: open
Members: Nancy Klimas, Chuck Lapp

Membership Committee
Chairperson: Staci Stevens
Members: Fred Friedberg , Rosamund Vallings, Chuck Lapp, Jill McLaughlin, Neil McGregor, Dan Moricoli

Fund Raising Committee
Chairperson:  Fred Friedberg
Members: Rebecca Artman, Ana Maria Garcia Quintana, Nancy Klimas

Website Committee
Chairperson: Fred Friedberg

Editor: Ros Vallings

Journal Committee
Chairperson: Gudrun Lange
Member: open

Constitution Committee
Chairperson: open

International Committee
Chairperson: open
Jonathan Kerr, Ros Vallings, Teruhisa Miike

Guidelines Committee
Chairperson: Fred Friedberg
Members:  Ros Vallings, Ken Friedman, Staci Stevens, Rosemary Underhill, Alan Gurwitt, Alison Bested, Nancy Klimas, Rebecca Artman

European Project
Chairperson: open
Members: Jonathan Kerr and Maria Garcia Quintana

Conference Planning Committee
Chairperson: Fred Friedberg
Members: Executive Committee

Past IACFS Presidents’ Committee
Chairperson: Nancy Klimas 
Anthony Komaroff, MD  (1991-1992)
Walter Gunn, Ph.D.    (1993)
Paul Levine, MD       (1994-1996)
Sudhir Gupta, MD      (1996-1998)
Dedra Buchwald, MD    (1998-2001)
Benjamin Natelson, MD      (2001-2003)
Dharam Ablashi, DVM    (2003-2004)
Nancy Klimas, MD      (2004-2009)